Pro1 T701i Thermostat Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble with your Pro1 T701i thermostat? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners struggle to troubleshoot any issues they have with their Pro1 devices. But don’t worry – we’ve got all the info you need to get back up and running in no time!

To troubleshoot a Pro1 T701i thermostat, you can try several steps.

First, check if the display is not working and replace the batteries or reset the thermostat if necessary.

You can also check the wiring and hardware issues. If you want to change the temperature, press the up or down temperature keys and then press the “hold” key.

Also, you can try power cycling the thermostat or using an air blower.

Power Cycle Your Thermostat

To power cycle your Pro1 T701i thermostat and potentially fix any malfunctions, start by locating the switch in your home’s circuit breaker box labeled “HVAC” or “AC”.

Then, flip the switch off and wait 20-30 seconds. Finally, switch the breaker back on. This process should help to resolve any issues with the thermostat.

How to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Issues

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection issues with your thermostat:

Reboot Your Router

If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet with your Pro1 T701i, try restarting your router. To do this, simply unplug it from the power source and plug it back in.

Bring the Thermostat Closer to Your Router

If your thermostat is not connecting to the internet after rebooting the router, it might be too far from the router. To fix this issue, move the thermostat closer to the router to ensure it is receiving a strong signal.

Remove and Reinstall the App

If you are having difficulty connecting your thermostat to the internet, the first step is to remove the Pro1 app from your phone.

To do this, press and hold the app icon on your home screen and then select the option to uninstall the app. Once the app has been removed, go to your app store and reinstall it.

For Android devices, go to the Google Play Store, and for iOS devices, go to the App Store.

Reset Your Pro1 T701i Wi-Fi

Reinstall the app and then set it up again. Before that, reset the Wi-Fi on the thermostat due to connectivity issues.

Here is how to reset your Pro1 T701i Wi-Fi:

  • To reset the Wi-Fi on your Pro1 T701i thermostat, press and hold the plus (+) and minus (–) buttons on the thermostat for about 5 seconds.
  • Then, select Wi-Fi and press and hold the TECH button for about 3 seconds, followed by pressing YES.

Connect Your Pro1 T701i Thermostat to Wi-Fi

To reconnect your thermostat to your home Wi-Fi, use the Pro1 app.

Here’s how to do that:

  • To get started, open the app on your phone and tap on ‘My Thermostat’ or ‘Add Thermostat’. Then, enter your account information (email and password) to sign in.
  • Select the thermostat you want to connect to Wi-Fi. The name of the thermostat will be similar to “tstat-####”. If you are using an iOS device, go to your device’s Settings and select Wi-Fi. Then select “tstat-####”. After it is connected to the Wi-Fi, go back to the Pro1 app on your phone.
  • Now choose your home Wi-Fi network and enter the password. Make sure the password is correct.
  • Check the thermostat home screen for a 4-digit authorization code. Next, enter the code in the app.
  • Choose your time zone and confirm if you use daylight savings time. If you are using an iOS device, you may need to go to your device’s Settings and select your home Wi-Fi network. When you have done this, return to the Pro1 app.
  • Add the address where your thermostat is installed.
  • For security reasons, it is important to change your account password. Your new password must be 8 characters long, and include a number, punctuation, lowercase letter, and capital letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Warranty Period For The Pro1 T701i Thermostat?

The Pro1 T701i thermostat has a 5-year warranty period.

What Kind Of Batteries Does The Pro1 T701i Thermostat Use?

The Pro1 T701i thermostat uses two AA batteries.

What Is The Range Of The Pro1 T701i Thermostat’s Wi-Fi Connectivity?

The Pro1 T701i thermostat has a range of up to 100 feet (30 meters) when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Does The Pro1 T701i Thermostat Support Voice Commands?

No, the Pro1 T701i thermostat does not support voice commands.

Is The Pro1 T701i Thermostat Compatible With Other Home Automation Systems?

No, the Pro1 T701i thermostat is not compatible with other home automation systems. It is designed to work with Pro1’s own T701i home automation system.