Theme 2: Multi-metal and Spintronic Materials

Lead: Ilya Krivorotov, UC Irvine

This theme aims to develop advanced new multi-metals and associated spintronic structures and devices that reduce power consumption of non-volatile magnetic memory, magnetic logic and analog devices such as nanoscale magnetic microwave oscillators to outperform scaled CMOS devices. Coupled with new exciting physics such as the spin Hall effect in metallic multilayers and edge and surface metallic states of topological insulators (TI) with 100% current spin polarization that will propel this team in pathways beyond conventional CMOS.

The Principal Investigators contributing to this theme include:

  • Ilya Krivorotov (UCI)
  • Greg Carman (UCLA)
  • Kang L Wang (UCLA)
  • Shoucheng Zhang (Stanford)
  • Harold Hwang (Stanford)
  • Supriyo Datta (Purdue)
  • Yaroslav Tserkovnyak (UCLA)
  • Charles Ahn (Yale)
  • HongWen Jiang (UCLA)