Research Vision

Inspired by the devices and system needs for performance of the RA, FAME is created with the vision of attracting the best ideas along with the most innovative minds from US academic institutions. As such, FAME has strategically coupled multidisciplinary theorists and experimentalists from materials science, chem/chem E, EE and physics. Leveraging the 9 years of FENA, the new FAME Center has leading competencies on nonconventional materials that (1) respond to ACCEL, and (2) will also include new correlated physics and effects for exploring new devices that enable “next generation technologies on exploiting quantum level of physics…” We anticipate that the Center will deliver these new materials and structures which will have revolutionary impact >103 lower power or better with non-Boolean computation, faster switching time for memory and logic application, >103 higher sensitivity and minimized quantum fluctuations by many orders of magnitude at room temperature due to collective effects and precise atomic layer control of materials.  The Center will create new inventions and knowledge for long lasting impacts on the semiconductor and defense industries. FAME will interact closely with sister devices/integrated circuits/architecture centers via crosscut initiatives striving towards an integrated STARnet program.