FAME is one of six university-based research centers established by the SRC through its Semiconductor Technology Advanced Research network (STARnet). The new UCLA research center is a multi-university partnership that includes 35 faculty researchers from 16 of the nation’s top universities. That aims to revolutionize semiconductor technologies by developing new nanoscale materials and structures that take advantage of properties unavailable at larger scales. Create and investigate new nonconventional atomic scale engineered materials and structures of multi-function oxides, metals and semiconductors to accelerate innovations in analog, logic and memory devices for revolutionary impact on the semiconductor and defense industries. Participating universities include: Columbia, Cornell, UC Berkeley, MIT, UC Santa Barbara, Stanford, UC Irvine, Purdue, Rice, UC Riverside, North Carolina State, Caltech, West Virginia and Yale. Leveraging the 9 years of FENA, the new FAME Center has established leading competencies of nonconventional materials which will have revolutionary impact: >103 lower power or better with non-Boolean computation, faster switching time for memory and logic application, >103higher sensitivity and minimized quantum fluctuations by many orders of magnitude at room temperature due to collective effects and precise atomic layer control of materials.